Dabang IAS broke the back of the mining mafia by seizing more than 100 trucks in just two days. Ranjan sir in Hazaribagh and Vijaya madam in Giridih .A few days ago, hundreds of cows were released after raiding the butcher locality. Now preparing to crack down on #manchals in women’s college. Raid on sawmills. … Read more

Hazaribagh | About Hazaribagh


Hazaribagh Lok Sabha constituency number 14 is a seat whose boundaries are spread over four districts of Jharkhand state. The arrangement of more than 40 percent of the booths of this Lok Sabha seat is the responsibility of three neighboring districts and the responsibility of administrative preparations for holding elections on those booths has to … Read more

Ram Navmi Hazaribagh | Hazaribagh Ram Nawmi


In #Hazaribagh since the year 1918, the self. The procession of Ram Navami started by Guru Sahai Thakur and the celebration of the birth anniversary of Maryada Purushottam Lord Shri Ram has a glorious and dignified history. There has also been an example and identity of….. The fame of Hazaribagh Ram Navami and if its … Read more

Hazaribagh The Finest City Group


Hazaribagh The Finest City which is the number one group of Hazaribagh. Its foundation stone is to promote and respect the local colloquial and language of Hazaribagh, by tying the people of your city in one thread, exposing the local problem and trying to bring it to the notice of the system to solve it, … Read more

Traffic Rules in India 2021 | Traffic Rules GK [2021]


Driving is a wonderful experience in itself. But sometimes with a little carelessness, this joy gives a feast to accidents, in which life also comes to the fore. But you can easily avoid accidents by taking some precautions while driving. Every day traffic rules are broken while driving. Sometimes unintentionally and sometimes intentionally. Hazaribagh. Driving … Read more

Brindaha WaterFall | Waterfalls of Jharkhand


As we know that #HazariBagh The Finest City has always been contributing to social work.Brindaha WaterFall details in today post.  #forest_conservation has been making every effort to make the environment green by running a #tree plantation program. Even the members of Hazaribagh The Finest City Group have been contributing in identifying tourist places, rivers, puddles, … Read more

Tiger Fall Hazaribagh | Jasmine Jharna


This detail is of #Jasmine_Jharna/#Tiger_fall, from 2nd place. Being close to the city, many people are still unfamiliar with it. Anyway, the beauty of any waterfall remains intact only for the monsoon and its few months. Last year there was news of complete drying up of Chitrakoot Falls (Indravati River, Chhattisgarh), then there is also … Read more