Trio Homes Gate Garden Plastic Planters Flower Pots Modern Decorative Beautiful & Colourful Gardening Pot for House Plants, Flowers, & Nursery (Multicolor) Set of 1

Price: ₹399.00 - ₹249.00
(as of May 25,2022 18:21:51 UTC – Details)

Gardening Products to Indian Homes We Offer a wide range of Flower Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Herb Seeds Exotic Vegetable Seeds, all in Home Garden Packing, Flower Bulbs, Various Garden Tools and Economical Tool Kits for Garden Lovers, Pots and Planters, Organic Manures, Designer Seed Trays, Organic Coir Pots, Metal Planters and Garden Sprayers. When big drainless pots are given more water than the plant can use right away, the water settles to the bottom and the potting mix begins to root, eventually becoming a stinky, waterlogged mess that will kill plant roots. But inside Bloem’s self-watering planter, the potting mix is held above the water line by a sturdy screen. The water chamber is connected by small porous channel filled with soil, which then acts as a wick. As water is used by the plant or evaporates from the surface of the soil, capillary action draws more water up from below. The soil has just the right amount of water all the time, but also maintains air pockets, which the plant roots need to stay healthy.

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