Traffic Rules in India 2021 | Traffic Rules GK [2021]

Driving is a wonderful experience in itself. But sometimes with a little carelessness, this joy gives a feast to accidents, in which life also comes to the fore. But you can easily avoid accidents by taking some precautions while driving.

Every day traffic rules are broken while driving. Sometimes unintentionally and sometimes intentionally.

Hazaribagh. Driving is a wonderful experience in itself. But sometimes with a little carelessness, this joy gives a feast to accidents, in which life also comes to the fore. But you can easily avoid accidents by taking some precautions while driving.

List of Traffic Rules | Traffic rules GK

The #traffic_rules are mentioned below .

Don’t talk on cellphone

Cell phone has become an important part of our life in the hectic life. Keep in mind that never use a cell phone while driving a car. It is not just for those who talk on the phone, reading messages on mobile or doing anything else, all this puts you in danger. If it is very important, then park the vehicle in a safe place and use the mobile.

>>#This special thing for women

While driving, avoid doing activities other than driving, such as wearing makeup while driving,

hair grooming,

Fixing clothes or operating the music system. While doing all these things, the attention of the driver gets diverted from the road and suddenly there is a fear of accidents due to coming in front of a vehicle addicted on the road.

सुननेAvoid listening to music from headphones

Never use the head phone while driving or listen to the speakers inside the car loudly.


Speed ​​as much as you can control

If you want to take your vehicle at a very high speed, then one thing must be kept in mind that the speed should be kept as much as you can control.


Tie children with seat belts

If you are going on a trip with small children, do not forget to fasten the children with the seat belt. This will give you a lot of ease in driving the vehicle. Children have a habit. That he repeatedly goes towards the window and during this time he also takes his body out of the window. Due to these quirky antics of children, your attention can be diverted from the road.

reading work

It has been seen by many people that while going to office in the morning, or while going to school and college in the students, they start completing their writing work in a hurry while driving. This can prove to be extremely dangerous. Try to avoid keeping books, magazines, newspapers for reading and writing on the dash of the car. Driving is a very sensitive quality and must be done with a very focused attention.

Avoid eating

One should also avoid eating or drinking anything while driving. If you want to eat something, wait for the end of the journey or stop the vehicle and eat anything. Many times, while driving the vehicle, while using coke, or water, it suddenly falls over and during this time the driver diverts his attention from the road to avoid them, which lead to accidents.


cigarette smoking,

 Avoid drinking alcohol

smoking cigarettes inside the car, or

 Drink or

Avoid having any kind of competition in these things with friends.

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Do not try to lift any object lying on the back seat while driving, as this can divert your attention from the road and there is a risk of accidents.

Be it pedestrians or drivers, it is very important for everyone to follow the rules of the road, so that accidental accidents can be avoided. In such a situation, it is important that you not only know about the road safety rules, but also follow them.

Meaning of these three colors in traffic signals

The colour red

The red color has a special significance in the signal. The speed of red color is fastest compared to other colors. We can easily see this color from any distance. Apart from this, red color is used in the signal not only to stop you but it also indicates that there is danger ahead of you. Red color signifies blood and violence, due to which it is used to stop traffic.

yellow color

This color directs you to gather your energy and get ready. When the yellow light is on at the traffic signal, it means that you keep the engine of your vehicle started and you can move slowly. In yellow you don’t have to stop but you can move forward slowly.

green colour

This color is the exact opposite of danger. As red color is used to stop vehicles, similarly green color is used to move vehicles forward. Green means that the path is empty for you and you can proceed.

Take a look at these figures-

traffic rules

Every year in India, 120,000 people die in road accidents and 12,70,000 people are seriously injured.

If we talk about statistics, then in India, one death occurs in a road accident every six minutes and by the year 2020 this figure will be – one death in every 3 minutes.

In India alone 10% of the deaths occur in road accidents as compared to the whole world.

It is very important to teach children to follow safety rules and this is possible only when parents and teachers themselves follow these rules.

Always use the sidewalk while walking. Where there are no footpaths, walk on the left side of the road.

Never show haste by losing patience. Never cross the road by breaking the signal or running away after seeing the vehicle coming from the front.

– If turning to the right

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