Top 15 places to go for christmas in usa

Coming christmas people are planning to visit places for celebrating Christmas. Here we will discuss about  top 15 places to go for christmas in USA.Enjoy this christmas 2021 with your family and friends at these locations .Lets know more about Top cities and places to visit while Christmas 2021 for celebration.

Top 15 places to go for Christmas in US are :-

1) New York City, New York:

New York City is the most attractive and populous city of United States which attracts people from all over the world. So it is most obvious that top most place to visit during Christmas would be New York City. It is the capital of entertainment in US and one can have a lot of fun visiting New York during Christmas.


2) Washington DC:

Washington DC is the seat of Federal government in US and this beautiful city witnesses a crowd of travelers during Christmas to see the attractive streets adorned with lights, decoration, snowflakes etc. The capital has been known as ‘The Disctrict Of Columbia’, ‘D.C’ or simply D.C which means District Of Columbia’. In 1663 it was called “New Rome” because many roads were laid in form of a Roman X at that time when it was decided that all streets will be laid from north to south then from east to west by Major Pierre Charles L’Enfant, the city’s first planner. The most attractive place in this prestigious capital is National Christmas tree with thousands of lights which gives a view of extreme beauty and joy during Christmas season. But every year it has become a tradition to illuminate White House (residence of President) during Christmas festival by decorating it with different color lights.

3) Orlando, Florida:

Orlando is one of the topmost famous places in US known for an array of theme parks like Magic Kingdom, Epcot Centre etc along with many interesting historical sites like Kennedy Space Centre, Gatorland etc. So it would not be wrong if anyone says Orlando is kind of Hollywood themed amusement park where people not only live their childhood memories but also fulfill their desires of seeing different things about popular movie characters. Here vacationers can include Christmas in their schedule to enjoy the charm of this beautiful city decorated with beautiful Xmas trees, lights and Santa Claus.

4) Niagara Falls, New York:

Niagara is recognized as one of the most wonderful waterfall on earth where thousands of waterfalls are present around it. From Ontario side- Canada side it looks like heaven but when you will go into US then its appearance changes drastically. It comes under topmost places to visit during christmas holidays because on both sides there are a lot of restaurants which decorates it building extensively during this season with glittering decorations and lights etc that depicts a picture of heaven for travellers coming from all over the world to see this natural miracle.

5) San Francisco, California:

San Francisco is one of the topmost famous places visited by tourist coming from all over India & US. It has number of museums like Museum Of Modern Art, Jewish Museum etc along with many other things to see like Golden Gate Bridge, Union Square etc which attracts people during Christmas. The most attractive features are its decorated streets and hills where holiday lights are everywhere that makes it look spectacular for tourists.

6) Saint Augustine Florida:

Saint Augustine is one of the oldest city in America which was founded by Spanish explorer Pedro Menendez de Aviles in 1565 to commemorate this place as a “Nuestra Senora Santa Elena” to honor St who discovered cross on which Jesus was crucified. It is a very important place in US that has been included in top most places to visit during Christmas because here tourists can enjoy the beauty of Spanish-style architecture with stunning beauty of natural beauties like beaches, lakes etc along with attractions like Lightner Museum, Fort Marion etc.

7) Gatlinburg, Tennesse:

Gatlinburg is another popular tourist destination which is visited by people coming from all over India & US for having fun and enjoyment. There are many standard hotels and resorts available where guests can stay and have fun on their holiday trip. During Christmas this city gives an extra charm and attraction because during winter season it receives heavy snowfall which adds more delight for visitors to see surprising scenes of snowfall. There are many dining places which provide holiday buffets and offers delicious food to visitors after playing in snowfall outside.

8) Nashville Tennessee:

Nashville is the capital of American state, Tennessee where country music is very famous among people all over the world. Many singers like Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton etc belongs to this city who became popular throughout Europe because of its unique style of music depicting real picture about life & history through song lyrics. This place attracts tourist during Christmas season for having fun with family and friends because it has also mixed up with Xmas attractions like beautiful lighted buildings & streets decorated with lights- bulbs etc along with shopping malls offering various kinds of gifts, clothes, accessories at reasonable prices so that travellers can be back home with lots of pleasant moments.

9) Miami Florida:

Miami is one of the most attractive cities in US which is visited by many people coming from India, UK & other nations for having fun, enjoyment and to enjoy its beautiful attraction that leaves everlasting memories in mind. Christmas decorations are placed everywhere where visitors can enjoy this season with friends & family members while enjoying local food through group dining or lonely dinner at fine dine restaurants. The best part about this city is that it has also become an attraction among film makers because Miami Vice was shot here which entertains tourists not only during Xmas but throughout year round.

10) Las Vegas Nevada:

Las Vegas is one of themost growing cities in US where there are many Xmas activities like Santa Claus parade, holiday light displays at Fremont Street Experience. It is also known as entertainment capital of the world because every year many tourists comes to this city with hope to enjoy its peaceful moments where they can shop for gifts and clothes for their loved ones & friends who wait eagerly with lots of love and affection. This place disturbs visitors throughout December month because it has become most happening places in US during Christmas time that offers number of things to do like shows, parties, visiting malls etc which provide great fun and excitement with family members.

11) Charleston South Carolina:

Charleston is one of the oldest cities in US that was founded by Englishman in 1670s having a long history of British rule which is ever changing with the passage of time. This place has also become one among most visited places during Christmas because it has many attractions that are must see for tourists like famous plantations having history of slave trade, museums depicting its glorious past which was ruled over by British people. This city is well connected through air, rail & road network so that visitors don’t have to face problem in reaching here.

12) Boston Massachusetts:

Boston is another historical city in US where there are many Christmas event taking place throughout December month including restaurant week, light festival etc which attracts lot of Indian travellers to explore this beautiful city decorated with lights- bulbs everywhere where they can enjoy local food along with shopping malls offering best deals on gifts and clothes at affordable prices so that visitors can bring lots of things to take back with them.

13) Anchorage Alaska:

Anchorage is a beautiful city in US where winter weather comes during November month and remains till March because it has much colder climate as compared to other states situated on the lower side of US. This place attracts tourists from all over the world by offering many Xmas attractions like outdoor ice skating rinks, Eskimo dancing, ice carving contests etc which makes this place most visited place for travellers who wish to explore snow covered tourist spots throughout December.

14) Portland Oregon:

Portland is another popular city having fun filled experiences that leaves lasting memories in mind because this city provides many enjoyable things that keeps its visitors busy throughout their stay here. Many events are going on at the same time so it becomes difficult for visitors to decide which event they have to attend first because this city offers lots of things through ornaments hanging everywhere, lighting decorations or by offering special discounts & deals that is exciting.

15) Seattle Washington:

Seattle is another historical city in US where there are many attractions like public art pieces, light shows and concerts that attracts people from all over the world during Xmas season. Many events are organized throughout December month including ice sculpting contests, Christmas flower & garden show etc which decorates the entire city grandly with lights, bulbs and other attractive ornaments making it one among most visited places during this season.

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