Tiger Fall Hazaribagh | Jasmine Jharna

This detail is of #Jasmine_Jharna/#Tiger_fall, from 2nd place. Being close to the city, many people are still unfamiliar with it. Anyway, the beauty of any waterfall remains intact only for the monsoon and its few months.

Last year there was news of complete drying up of Chitrakoot Falls (Indravati River, Chhattisgarh), then there is also a discussion about the freezing of waterfalls (Niagra) in cold regions. Even if such a scene is seen for 6 months of the year, it is also true.

Here the water is coming from the small streams flowing in the forest of Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary which combined to form the Kevata River. The name of the river is secondary but the scene of the fall is important.

We run fast on the galloping roads of National Highways but are deprived of visiting such places situated on its outskirts. It is located barely 100 meters from NH-33, but till yesterday I did not even know, while do not know how many times have passed through that road.

It was not possible for the college going generation on foot and by bicycle to fly 20-25 km away from the city. But there would have been a minority of bicycles and the effect of scooterization of some people was that now the place up to 50 km away has become like a morning walk. In two hours you can come to the watch house.

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Tiger Fall Hazaribagh | Jasmine Jharna

Social media, easy access to cameras (both due to mobile and internet) and prime rural roads. The combination of these three elements has changed the landscape of micro tourism across the country. In the last ten years there has been an influx of information in every field in the country. Everyone has become a giver with a receiver. He is returning the lesser known and unknown things.

Even though it has happened because of technology and economic efficiency, but better. In the years to come, when the internet will be everywhere, the explorers will be out of the scene taking little credit as the inventors. Then it would be “how many places have you settled”?

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