Renesmee™ Branded High Pressure Water Gun Sprayer Car Wash Water Spray Gun Brass Metal Garden Hose Gun Auto Water Nozzle to The Garden with Leak Proof 2 Pcs Metal Grip Lock

Price: ₹997.00 - ₹299.00
(as of Jun 15,2022 14:41:16 UTC – Details)

Product Detail :-Shower, Mist, Cone, Fan, Angle, Flat, shower and Jet – Nozzle adjustable setting for perfect watering your garden area.

Choose your spraying setting easily, and experience perfect watering your garden lawn and grass with this detachable nozzle. shower is used to soak dry plants at the base or to fill watering cans, Mist is used to gentle spray for flowers or herbs, Shower is used to water plants, or to clean dogs or pets, Jet is used to wash cars, clean gutters or outdoor surfaces, Cone for long distance watering of grass or garden lawns, Flat is used for targeted watering at some distance and Fan, Angle is used to water across a horizontal area.

Durable with Console Grip-Our industrial heavy duty garden nozzle for homes are made with high quality plastic material with ergonomic design for performing long spray sessions without your hands getting bushed. It is perfectly coated with non slipping effective rubber grasp to prevent losing your hand grip.

With its effective and beneficial pro functions it can be used for many long years with precise sprays for all of your watering outdoor needs. Leak Proof & Locking Clip-Our garden nozzles features of squeeze push lever hold comfort fit locking clip for long time continuous watering.

It freely switches water flow in an efficient way to suit your needs with ease. And insider rubber O-Ring hoard provides a strong tight seal to avoid the leakage which reduces the excess wastage of water.

Never to worry about leak as it simply connects to any water system. This offers you a easy purchase and 1 minute installation with any of your garden taps.

Open in the Box:
1 x 7 Pattern Gun
2 x Metal Grip Lock
Flow control knob: By rotating the water regulation knob, you can adjust the flow rate and water pressure for each spray mode.
Portability: This product is small in size and light in weight, very convenient to carry around.
Ergonomic non-slip handle: The handle has been designed ergonomically for your comfort. It gives you a firm and comfortable grip.
Perfect for washing cars, watering plants, washing pets or cleaning pool and yard areas.

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