Ramgarh Ranchi Road | Ranchi Road Overbridge

Let’s know about Ramgarh Ranchi Road near Hazaribagh,Jharkhand. Now Ranchi Road Overbridge is also ready. Lets dive in and know details of Ranchi Road overbridge formation which is now helping Ranchi Road railway station reach to normal people.

Which was a cause of great trouble. We still remember when we had to go from Hazaribagh to Ranchi or Ranchi to Hazaribagh 10-11 years ago, then it was not certain that we would be able to reach our place on time. Morning’s journey was evening and evening’s journey turned into night.

If we left for Ranchi at 8 o’clock in the morning, sometimes it would take 2-3 o’clock to reach Ranchi and if we used to come to Hazaribagh from Ranchi, then even after sitting the car at 5 o’clock in the evening, it would be 2 o’clock in the night to reach home.

That long and long distance, the people had to face a lot of difficulty in reaching their destination. We used to pray to God that “Oh God has not jammed… Lord”….

Ranchi Road Overbridge

The Ramgarh Ranchi bridge, built in the British era, was made two-lane according to that time. Because there were not that many motor vehicles at that time. But with the changing times, there was a huge increase in the number of vehicles. Then there was bound to be jam on the narrow bridge.

But in 1998, the Golden Quadrilateral scheme was announced by Atal ji, where the project connecting four metropolitan cities to the national highway was announced and then the work of four lanes started.


From Ranchi to Hazaribagh NH33 between 2010-2012 when the four lane was ready. Then people got relief from the jam of this narrow bridge.

The movement of big vehicles almost stopped from there.

Then due to being two-lane, even small vehicles used to get jammed there.

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But now a 65 meter long and 12 meter wide railway overbridge has been prepared on that Ranchi Road Railway Bridge.

Now people can come here from both sides, now the first jam situation does not arise here.

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