Ram Navmi Hazaribagh | Hazaribagh Ram Nawmi

In #Hazaribagh since the year 1918, the self. The procession of Ram Navami started by Guru Sahai Thakur and the celebration of the birth anniversary of Maryada Purushottam Lord Shri Ram has a glorious and dignified history. There has also been an example and identity of…..

The fame of Hazaribagh Ram Navami and if its echo was ever heard far and wide …. then to feel that echo one has to go back a little and remember the nature of Ram Navami when the streets of the city were filled with religious cheers, passionate Amidst the rumble of drums accompanied by deafening slogans, the high-rise Mahabiri flags rose gracefully on the streets of the city.

The feats of the skilled jugglers of the akhadas used to cause curiosity and attraction for the people at the square square, while on the other hand the mutual competition and rivalry between the drummers used to keep the atmosphere resonant for many days…. But the crowd of people started descending, which was seen continuously on the streets from late night to next evening in the form of mass ….


Women, children, old and young were all full of joy …. Daughters-in-laws I used to come to my maternal home… Relatives living in far flung places would come to their relatives and get ready for Ram Navami. Used to enjoy….in total, for three days, the entire Hazaribagh used to be Rammay….

This pleasant feeling was felt because we, the residents of Hazaribagh, never thought that the Mahabiri flags were made by Shakur uncle or Iqbal Bhai….. for various clubs and puja committees. Whether it is the creation of tableaux or the artists who believe in the Muslim or any other religion engaged in the decoration work, they never even thought that why they are exhibiting their art for any non-religious person ….

To different society There was never any discrimination in the help and service camps being organized by the playing for…..

The fame and fragrance of Ram Navami continued to spread far and wide till we the people of Hazaribagh accepted and embraced it not as a particular religion but as our heritage and culture.

A lot has changed over time….

In the procession of Navami, the release of Mahabiri flags has reduced..From the evening itself, the beautiful tableaux that descended on the streets of the city started coming out late at night..Dj took the place of drums..intoxication. The prevalence of paan increased…. a malafide attempt was made to spoil the social harmony ….

Extremely sad and very shameful incidents like Habibinagar and Sardar Chowk started happening … Some selfish elements broke the fabric of social harmony and started their own business. Selfishness started ….. due to which the aura of Ram Navami of Hazaribagh did not end but it did become a bit dirty….

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It may be our ideological and religious misunderstanding to associate Maryada Purushottam Lord Shri Ram with a particular religion…..But, the ideal of Ram is acceptable to all….So let us all Hazaribagh residents of this #Ramnavami Shobha Yatra. In the centenary_year ….. by rising above caste, religion, religion and sect, bring this heritage and traditional identity of your city back to its mythological prestige ….

Make Hazaribagh an example of social harmony…. Don’t be fooled by… Ignore the rumours….Respond to any attempt to disturb social harmony….Put obscene and provocative songs….DJ Instead of using drums, drums should be used more …. Shobha Yatra came out on time …. drug-free Ram Navami … Women should be respected …

Lord Shri Lord Shri taking care that no one’s religious sentiments should be hurt Celebrate the birth anniversary of Ram in a dignified manner with full gaiety and enthusiasm…. Spread the fragrance of Ram Navami and social harmony of Hazaribagh far and wide…..

                  ***Long live Rama***

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