People’s anger against Hemant government due to disobedience, new announcement everyday to throw dust: Raghuvar Das

Ranchi: There is a lot of resentment among the youth of Jharkhand due to the disobedience of the Hemant government, which came to power with the promise of five lakh jobs. At the same time, Jharkhand’s water-forest and land and mineral wealth have been looted fiercely in the last two and a half years under the patronage of Hemant Sarkar to benefit the family and those close to him. An example of this is a backward district like Sahebganj. In the investigation of ED from this one district itself, the matter of illegal excavation of about Rs 1400-1500 crore has come to the fore. In this excavation, the name of the Chief Minister’s MLA representative is at the fore. BJP leaders were talking to journalists in a press conference held at the state office on Friday. He said that the people of Jharkhand are very angry with the government because of these exploits of the Hemant government. In order to suppress this anger and resentment and to throw dust in the eyes of the people, Hemant Soren is making new and attractive announcements every day. In this episode, he has also announced the Khatian and Reservation Policy of 1932.

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Hemant Sarkar is contempt of court
Regarding the determination of locality, Raghuvar Das said that the state of Jharkhand was formed on 15.11.2000. After the formation of the state, the government at that time, vide notification number 3389, dated 29.09.2001, adopted the circular number 806 of Integrated Bihar, dated 03.03.1982, in which the identification of the local person on the basis of the district, their name, land, songs, records. on the basis of off rights. In this context, the Hon’ble High Court of Jharkhand through its detailed order passed on 27.11.2002 in the case of two cases viz. WP (PIL) 4050/02 and case no. And also made important suggestions to define locality. In the light of the said order, many governments came, committees were formed, but the matter of defining the local person and determining the criteria of his identity was under consideration. He said that the present government has taken a decision to define locality on the basis of Khatian of 1932 and they also know that applying it would amount to contempt of court. Therefore, this policy will not be implemented by them, such a plan has been made. The Chief Minister himself has announced about its legality on 23 March 2022 in the largest Panchayat Vidhan Sabha of the state. It has been said by them that the locality policy of 1932 will be implemented after being included in the 9th Schedule of the Constitution, which will never be possible.

Whether it is a matter of locality or a matter of reservation, it is a matter of jurisdiction of the state government. Also, this policy has not been linked to planning. Therefore, it is clear that the people of Jharkhand will not be able to get any benefit of 1932 or locality at present even in government appointments. Due to not fulfilling the promise of giving five lakh jobs, there is anger among the youth of the state towards the government. That is why this local policy has been announced with the intention of entanglement, hanging and diverting.

Reservation policy decision unconstitutional
As far as the decision to increase the reservation is concerned, this decision is also unconstitutional. It seems impossible to implement. In this way, the sentiments of the tribals, indigenous peoples and backwards have been played with. They have been cheated. To give reservation to anyone, it is necessary to ensure the number of students of that category and their representation as per the order of the Supreme Court. In this sequence, during the time of the BJP government, in 2019, the Deputy Commissioners of all the districts of the state were instructed to conduct the survey. The report of this survey has not been made public yet, which shows that this report is not ready yet. If the government has not prepared that report, then what factors have been taken into account in increasing the percentage of reservation, it should also be made public by the government, but it has not been done. The report of any survey has not been taken into account by the government nor has the process required to give reservation be followed properly.


State government is involved in illegal mining: Raghuvar
Just as the present government is indulging in mining business by misusing its position, in the same way the government is cheating the people of Jharkhand by giving it a commercial form for its political interests. Chief Minister, this is not a monarchy, it is a democracy. Taking such a decision without completing the prescribed procedure does not happen in a democracy. In the last two and a half years, the JMM-Congress government has collected thousands of crores of rupees in coal, sand, ballast loot, liquor trade and transfer-posting. The Chief Minister even took mining leases in the name of himself and his family members, as a result of which the Chief Minister, his family members and allies are on the radar of central agencies.

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