Palamu: Naxalites rewarded with 15 lakhs arrested, 20 lakhs cash found on spot

Palamu: Jharkhand-Bihar Police has got great success in the campaign being run against Naxalites. Murad alias Vinay Yadav, a member of the regional committee of the banned Naxalite organization CPI-Maoist, and a reward of 15 lakhs have been arrested. Along with him, two of his other associates have also been arrested. These include Naxalites Amarendra Paswan and Idris Ansari. Both the Naxalites have been arrested from Mayapur of Dawoodnagar police station area of ​​Aurangabad district of Bihar. On Friday, the SP of Palamu in Aurangabad, Chandan Kumar Sinha and the SP of Aurangabad disclosed the matter. Murad alias Vinay Yadav told the police that he has been active in the CPI-Maoist organization since 2003. He has been leading the Naxalite organization as Zonal Commander and Regional Commander since 2014 to strengthen his organization in the areas of Aurangabad, Gaya and Palamu bordering Jharkhand in Bihar. A total of 54 cases are registered against Vinay Yadav.
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Money recovered from locker in Pachrukhia forest

In the course of interrogation of Murad alias Vinay Yadav, it was found that the amount collected by the Naxalite organization as levy was kept hidden around the Shikari well in the forest of Pachrukhia of Chhakarbandha, after which the police team buried it under the ground. A locker was dug out and Rs 20 lakh was recovered. It is said that this locker belonged to former Naxalite commander Sandeep Yadav. Sandeep used to secretly keep other items including the amount of levy in this locker. Murad was aware of this. Sandeep Yadav died of illness two months ago.

Palamu had influence in these areas
Murad’s work area was in the police station areas of Hariharganj, Naudiha Bazar, Patan, Chhatarpur, Bishrampur etc. in Palamu district. It has done many major incidents in these areas and has been continuously involved in Maoist activities. Murad fled from Palamu district after the Palamu police took effective action against the Maoists and made his base in Gaya and Aurangabad areas of Bihar. Being educated, it has been the main think tank of the Naxalites.

Success on the information of SIB
Palamu SP Chandan Kumar Sinha said that the SIB of Jharkhand Police was collecting information about its activities for several months. Then gave information on accurate information. Aurangabad Superintendent of Police. Later, on the basis of information, a joint operation was carried out by Palamu and Aurangabad police, in which the prized Naxalite RCM Vinay Yadav alias Murad ji alias Guru ji was arrested.
Murad was involved in two encounters with the police in the Patan police station area in 2005. It also had an encounter with the police in Chhatarpur, Hariharganj. The action was taken to blow up the explosives in Hariharganj block, this incident happened in the year 2013. He was also involved in an encounter with the police near Mangra Bathan Dam of Hariharganj. In the year 2014, 12 TPC militants were killed and their weapons looted by firing at Jokhan Sao’s house in Chhotki Kauria of Vishrampur police station area.

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