one sixty eight® self Watering Spikes, Dripping Irrigation kit, self Watering Device for Plants, drip Irrigation kit, Vacation Plant Waterer for Home Garden, Plant Water drip Spikes (12 Pieces) (12)

Price: ₹720.00 - ₹299.00
(as of Jul 01,2022 00:10:54 UTC – Details)

BRAND NAME : one sixty eight PRODUCT NAME : self watering spikes, dripping irrigation kit, automatic water dispenser for plants, vacation plant waterer, drip irrigation kit, self watering spikes for plants, plant water drip, irrigation system for plants, water dripper for plants BENEFITS OF SELF WATERING SPIKES / DRIPPING IRRIGATION KIT 1) It helps as automatic water dispenser for plants when you are on vacation or not at home for water irrigation for garden for drip irrigation. Makes a system for automatic watering for plants. 2) Everyday self-watering spikes can prevent over-watering and make plants healthier by automatic watering for plants. 3) Auto plant waterer is a good assistant for gardening; you do not have to take care of your plants by using auto watering system for plants. 4) This is the most affordable drip irrigation kit or irrigation system for plants for water dripper for home garden or water dripping system for plants and plant watering system. 5) Easiest method for establishing automatic water dispenser for plants with plant spikes as automatic irrigation device 6) You can maintain your garden with this gardening watering tools for home garden when you are on trip or vacation. 7) No need to depend on your neighbors or invest in expensive plants watering tools for watering plants with help of vacation plant waterer or plant dripper irrigation system. HOW TO USE SELF WATERING SPIKES / DRIPPING IRRIGATION KIT The pot plant watering nail can be used for general plastic beverage bottles as garden watering tools. The automatic flower watering device has good permeability, and the watering speed can be adjusted for plant self watering. 1) Fill a bottle with water 2) Install the plant waterer to the filled bottle for plant watering 3) Insert the control valve into the plant waterer for self irrigation system for plants 4) Make lot holes at the bottom of the bottles or cut it 5) Place the plant waterer into the soil surrounding your plant.
No worries for watering with vacation plant waterer and self watering device for plants when you are on vacation
Most affordable drip irrigation kit and automatic plant watering system or self watering for garden
This bottle dripper for plants is compatible with almost all bottles having 1.1 inch opening (Almost all company bottles are fitted in it)
No need to depend on neighbors for with use of drip irrigation, water dispenser for plants or automatic irrigation system for plants or automatic plant watering system

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