NIVAVE 30 Feet 5mm Plant Auto Watering Wick Cord/Self Watering Wick Cord String Rope/DIY Automatic Watering Device System/Auto Drip Irrigation Waterer/Hydroponic Cord/Aquaponic Cord (30, 5 mm)

Price: ₹500.00 - ₹350.00
(as of Jun 01,2022 23:05:39 UTC – Details)

Automate plant watering using easy DIY watering process & peace of mind with less observation requirements. Its super easy to set up for 2 weeks. Its easy for even 1-2 months of setup once you have developed enough understanding of it.

[Automatic Watering Speed Setup] Speed could be controlled from approx 50-500 ml / day based on 2 simple setup parameters. Its highly recommended to start from same water level to the planeter level as shown in main picture.
1) Water Level In Reservoir – Length of cord from top to water level determines speed. Its its less than 1 inch, you might observe over watering so its good to have a start setup at 1-1.5 inch.
2) Height Difference between water level & pot – Higher water level height will cause gravity to pull more water hence you will see over watering. Its not recommended to go for higher height unless you have an understanding o drip irrigation for home plants.

[Self Watering Pots] Multiple cord could be used in specialised manner to heavily upgrade your existing pot with the highest quality we provide.

[Hydroponics] Plants root will naturally get nutrient & air when they will attach themselves to wick cord as they will grow giving an incredible experience which you have not heard of before.
[FAQ] Comparison to cotton / jute : Our wick lasts for years through seasons & reusable. As compared to ordinary cotton / jute wick which will decompose in water & start stinking within few days.
[Regular / Vacation / Automatic Watering] Checkout step by step video guide for perfect setups. Relax and your plants are watered automatically. Travel acare free for weeks.and work
[Self Watering Pots] Replace your low quality self watering cord with this high quality well designed, well tested & long lasting (years) cord
[Hydroponic (DWC & NFT) AQUAPONIC & Aeroponic] It will reduce lot of usual burden of your high tech garden all stages (Specially seedling)

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