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Hazaribagh is a district of Jharkhand state in India.Lets read article related to this. Tours and travels are growing sector of hazaribagh. Lets know about this in detail

#Barkattha- It is about 55 kms from Hazaribagh which is in Barhi Kolkata Road. There is a place called Suryakund in which there is a hot water tank. The water here is very hot. Legend has it that the water in the pool becomes cold on a moonlit night. A month-long fair is held here on the occasion of Makar Sankranti in which you can enjoy local sweets and village haat.

#Padma: At a distance of about 25 kms from Hazaribagh, Hazaribagh is in Barhi Road. Padma Fort of Ramgarh Raj is situated here. There is a wall around it as well as a huge hall inside the fort in which beautiful carvings have been done. Now there is a Police Training Center here and training is also given to the soldiers. The peda here is very famous.

#Narsingh_Sthan- This place is about 7 kilometers from Hazaribagh. There is a temple of Lord Narasimha here. A local fair is held here on the day of Kartik Purnima in which sugarcane is the main attraction.

Barhi – This place is at a distance of 35 kms from Hazaribagh. Cobra Hill and Jawahar Ghati are the main attractions here. Tilaiya Dam leaves you spellbound. You can also enjoy speed boat in this dam, as well as many boats of fishermen will be seen. This is the perfect place for photography. You can also taste fresh fish and fondant here.

#Chauparan- This is a place surrounded by forests. It is at a distance of 55 kms from Hazaribagh. There are many picnic spots inside the forests like Thadgatti, Asanachuan, Hadhadwa etc. You will see many wild rivers and many types of animals and birds in the forest. It is a place full of natural views.

The Kheermohan here is very famous. This is the border of the state of Bihar, here is the famous temple of Hathiya Baba. There is also a fort of Tekari Raja near the border. The weekly Gramin Haat of Thursday here is very famous.

#Itkhori- Although now this place is in Chatra district. This place is at a distance of about 45 kms from Hazaribagh. Here is the temple of Maa Bhadrakali which is very famous. Along with this, many things of Jain and Buddhist religion have also been found in the excavation. Ten kilometers further from here is the Tamashin Falls, which is a very good picnic spot.

#Kauleshwari- This is a picturesque place and is the Siddha Peeth of Mother Kauleshwari. It falls in Hunterganj. Its distance from Hazaribagh is about 90 kms. There is a chain of seven mountains here. This is a very good place for adventure. Things related to Jainism and Buddhism have also been found here.


The Vinova Bhave University established for the North Chota Nagpur region is located here. The cool climate and serene environment of Hazaribagh has attracted academicians to establish institutions in the city and now it has become the education hub of Jharkhand. Dublin Mission has a large presence with educational institutions and a women’s hospital. Mission activities were started in 1899 at Hazaribagh under the aegis of Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. St. Columba College was one of the oldest in Bihar.

Affiliated to the college for many years A.F. Toronto was a legend in its lifetime. Hazaribagh now houses the Vinoba Bhave University within the city limits named after St. Vinoba Bhave. It is the second largest university of Jharkhand. St. Columba’s College, Dhanbad and many engineering and medical colleges of local colleges are now affiliated to this university. Institute of Technology, Hazaribagh Polytechnic is one of the premier college for Management and IT.

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