Lazy Gardener Greenstix: All Purpose Plant Fertilizer for Pot Plants (Fertiliser Sticks)

Price: Ôé╣800.00 - Ôé╣549.00
(as of Jun 05,2022 05:01:24 UTC – Details)

­čŹÇPromotes Lush Green Foliage, Contains rich nutrients for healthier & greener plants. Perfect to use for urban home gardeners
­čŹÇ Suitable for houseplants & vegetable garden, This product is the most convenient way to provide essential nutrients for your potted indoor/outdoor plants.
­čŹÇAll natural Plant food sticks, These sticks have three macronutrients-Nitrogen (N) which is essential for leaf growth and lush green color, Phosphorous (P) to help develop strong roots, and promote flowering and potassium (K) to help develop strong stems and fight disease.
­čŹÇFertilizer for Indoor Plants & Outdoor Plants in pots. This allows nutrients to be gradually released into the soil, depending on the amount of watering. Replenish the green stix every 45-60 days. It does not need any other fertilizer or vermicompost fertilizer after you use GreenStix.

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