Hazaribagh The Finest City Group

Hazaribagh The Finest City which is the number one group of Hazaribagh.

Its foundation stone is to promote and respect the local colloquial and language of Hazaribagh, by tying the people of your city in one thread, exposing the local problem and trying to bring it to the notice of the system to solve it, as well as get out of the virtual world. While discharging our moral responsibility towards the society on the ground of reality, try to awaken social consciousness.

And to a large extent this objective was realized by Hazaribagh The Finest City Group. Finest City is the first group that got people out of Facebook and introduced them to each other in the world of reality!


Many people today found their destination from this forum! Many people are getting their headlines today through this group, in which some people do not get tired of praising it and some have forgotten this thing.

Today, after being impressed by its achievement and its popularity, many countless groups are forming the name of Hazaribagh, following the footsteps of this, doing social work and making their headlines.

Doing social work be it boy nature or hobby or show or competition spirit! But in the end, it is only good for the society!

Hazaribagh The Finest City Today, by restraining oneself in every sense and living in dignity, without using double meaning language, rising above caste-religion, political discrimination and the feeling of high and low, keeping in mind the respect of women, the group has always been kept clean. Made every effort to keep and will continue to do so! The living proof of this is your family’s participation in the group’s programs in a home environment!

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If you belong to this family, then you should also keep it clean! Don’t post unnecessarily without head and feet! Do not be the cause of unnecessary controversy and do not disturb anyone unnecessarily.

The group has its own rules and regulations, which we all have a duty to follow. If you like this group, then stay connected and keep adding people.

    “No jealousy with anyone, no competition with anyone..!

            We have our own destinations, we have our own race..!!

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