Former sports director Anil Kumar Singh has been made the chairman of Jharkhand State Kho-Kho Association Coordination Committee, Jury and Appellate Committee.

Ranchi: The meeting of the first newly appointed executive committee held today under the chairmanship of the Chairman (Chairman) of Jharkhand State Kho-Kho Association was important. It was unanimously decided to appoint former Jharkhand sports director (former IAS) Anil Kumar Singh as the chairman of the coordination committee, jury and appellate committee of Jharkhand State Kho-Kho Association. After the consent of Anil Singh, Santosh Prasad (Secretary General) was authorized to issue his appointment letter. Anil Singh’s tenure will be from 2022 to 2026. Everyone expressed the hope that by joining Jharkhand State Kho-Kho Association, both the players of Kho-Kho sports and the officials of the sports association would be able to take advantage of their supervision and guidance and their sports experience. The future of the players will also be brighter than this.

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Ranchi MLA-cum- Jharkhand State Kho Kho Association Chairman CP Singh, President Sushil Kumar Singh, Working President BC Thakur, Senior Vice President Om Prakash Kashyap, Dhananjay Kumar after Mr. Singh became the Chairman of the Coordination Committee, Jury and Appellate Committee. Singh, Aarti Kujur, Prince Ajmani, Vice President Sunit Kumar Mallick, Raj Kumar Saw, Bhupesh Kumar, General Secretary Santosh Prasad, Joint Secretary Deepak Dubey, Satyendra Prasad, Prince Kumar Mishra, Ranveer Singh, Mohammad Moim Ansari, Treasurer Ajay Jha, Referees of the Board Chairman Anil Prasad, Legal Adviser Vinod Kumar Singh, executive members Lakhan Kumar Bhagat, Jai Prakash Sinha, etc. dignitaries have expressed their happiness and best wishes.

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