DK Craft Touch Heavy Duty Garden Hose Pipe & 7 Pattern High Pressure Garden Hose Nozzle Water Spray Gun for Garden Greenhouse & Car/bike wash (Gun + water hose with accessories, 10 Metre Length Hose)

Price: ₹1,999.00 - ₹699.00
(as of Jun 23,2022 12:28:32 UTC – Details)

With Several ways to spray, you’ll always have the jet pressure you need with this nozzle: Flat: for gentle watering of flowers, plants & shrubs Angle: perfect for targeted rinsing Shower: recommended setting for washing your pets Center: targeted spraying for selective watering Mist: ideal for watering large areas Rinse: quickly & thoroughly rinses soapy suds away Cone: perfect for rinsing soap from vehicles Soaker: powerfully fills buckets & watering cans Jet: reaches long distances for lawn watering Usage: This PVC hose is used extensively in domestic, agricultural and industrial applications – gardening, water pumps, washing cars & pets, crop spraying, and many more. It used to transport water for gardening, lawn care, and other landscaping purposes. They are also used for outdoor cleaning of items such as vehicles, equipment, building exteriors. Ergonomic leakproof design for hassle free watering: Being compact and lightweight, the high pressure garden hose nozzle by DK Craft Touch is efficient and durable. The water-tight seal makes it leak free. Slip resistant trigger with a heavy duty rubber finish. Low resistant front trigger with a hand free lock bar lets you rest your hands while watering. Control the flow: Do the job and save water! Having a nozzle and handle on the end of your hose gives you a better chance at controlling the flow and taking advantage of the available settings. From soft & gentle sprinkling to focused & powerful jetting, merely turn the knob and make the most of your garden. watering patterns: Blast away gunk, wash your dog and water delicate flowers with this well-engineered spray nozzle designed for all your outdoor chores. Easily switch between 9 spray patterns to work your way around the yard. Sprayer patterns include: angle, cone, shower, rinse, center, flat, mist, soaker, and jet for every possible watering need. Fits all standard garden hoses: The universal size makes the Dk Craft Touch hose nozzle compatible with hose
Application: for gentle watering of flowers, plants & shrubs
Hose Diameter : 16mm
In Box:
Fits all standard garden hoses: The universal size makes the Dk Craft Touch hose nozzle compatible with hose

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