Dhardhara Waterfall | Waterfall near – Jharpo (Simradhab)

An attempt was made to coin the word Naxal Tourism by applying the prefix, but it did not work, but the intention was to see the places full of natural beauty in the areas considered to be the stronghold of Naxalites.

But it is not and it is not that the place which is near the forest is and was the stronghold of Naxalites, but on the basis of newspaper reports it was assumed that the Naxalites would live there and kill them.

At the time when there was a wave of spread of Naxalites in Jharkhand, there was neither social media nor asphalt pavement nor culvert in the countryside like today. Due to the cumulative effect of all these factors, every area that was in the forest zone, 15-20 km away from the district headquarters, the countryside, which was away from the main road, was promoted as the so-called safe haven of Naxalites.

Information about this place came from the newspaper last month. Those journalists themselves went here and had also printed in their newspaper. To reach here, there was a big village (Jharpo) nearby, there used to be many boys of my acquaintance. On reading the news, the mind became restless that it should go now, but even after postponing, it has been almost a month and a day.


Every morning it takes maximum one hour to go thinking (even thinking 35 km forest path) and one hour and half hour to come in view, photos, videos. In this way, in two and a half hours, he could come looking very leisurely. But when we talked to him about this, he would come next Sunday, let us find out how the way is, many of our children come to study from there and started saying. Let us also think that we will go easy. Still, he started saying that some work has been done now, come after 10 days, we will definitely take it.

When it is late, we tell him – Look, the longer you wait, the faster the monsoon water will decrease and the joy that will be there will not be there now. Every day the water of the waterfall will decrease and its beauty will decrease. Yes, kept on saying yes.

One day we tell him – “If we want, without informing you, we can go there without removing you,,, for the place which may take hardly 40 minutes to go, you are asking to come in December”. He started saying that you don’t feel bad about me,,, we have not even gone ourselves, I also wish to go there, we will also go with you. In this way we kept calming our mind.

To think about the morning of Chhath Arghya, you have to go today. In the morning, knowingly where are you calling her to inquire about her condition – then it is known that she is in her in-laws’ house. We don’t tell him that we are going there right now. Be ready to call Rohit Raz, have to go to a place. Rohit had just returned to his room from Chhath Ghat that he immediately came on the road.

Taking it with you, went to Dhardharwa Falls. Although this waterfall has no name, it is on the Dhardharwa river, that’s why we have written this name. Local village people (Santhali, Ghatwar) simply call it a waterfall. Well this is the waterfall which is an example of the Sopani Falls. Here the water does not fall directly but comes down like a ladder.

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This place is absolutely in the forest, there is no unpaved / paved road to reach here. Due to the tractor going some distance in the forest, there are a lot of unpaved roads, which create wandering without a sign board, where to go. We too had gone astray, but it was nice to wander because of the forest and the river. Wherever photography was going on in the rocky river and forest, but it was in my mind that if we did not reach that waterfall, then it was pointless to come.

We had already seen the photo and video of that waterfall, so we were imagining the joy of that scene. There was no man in the forest to ask anyone the right way. Yes, many species of butterflies were definitely visible. It was felt in my mind that what was visible in the forest and two or three paths should go there, if the river is seen, then there should be a waterfall somewhere in the upper or lower part of it,,, that means holding the river’s door and fathomed Go.

Rohit started asking to return home, that brother, where shall we wander in the forest. We said – it is a long time in the evening and we have come to the forest about 2 km from the road. If we do not come here today, then it will be difficult to come later.

Decided to proceed from the path from which you have come, because a tractor or any other vehicle has already run in that path due to wheel marks.

Proceeding on the same path, he crossed the river on whose rocks some were taking photographs earlier. As soon as we crossed the river, red-white fruit fell on the soil. We consider it to be some sour-sweet fruit, that is, a berry. But it was also going on in my mind that this tree is on the side of the road, better than us, the villagers must have known this fruit and the tree was also bearing fruit, why no one should pluck it. In the midst of questions like whether it is edible or not, after washing that fruit with river water, with a skeptical mind, he pressed lightly with his teeth.

The little juice that came out from the light stroke of the tooth had given the answer to why the tree was carrying so much fruit and no one plucked it. Its juice started causing burning sensation in that part of the tongue, in a way, itching or scratching. I had no choice but to just keep spitting. There is some plant whose skin itches due to rubbing / rubbing, this fruit was its equivalent.

After this, after crossing that small river and moving forward, a small flat plain came in the middle of the forest. From there also used to go three ways,,, where to go now, then the dilemma. Ahead of one road, only a two-wheeled rough road that slops ahead and then ends near another river. Rohit was already coming down on foot due to the rough terrain. But a young man was seen bathing in this river and asked him the way to the waterfall.

He gestured with his hand and told where he had come from the same way.

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