Decor & More – Grow Bags with Durable Handles & Reinforced Stitching designed from Heavy Duty Thickened Nonwoven Fabric | Grow Bag for All Plants, Vegetables & Flowers – Perfect Terrace Garden Accessories| Grow Bags 12 x 12 inch Pack of 5 – Black

Price: ₹999.00 - ₹649.00
(as of Jun 07,2022 17:54:22 UTC – Details)

【Size】Size is an essential consideration when shopping for the best grow bag. Grow bags vary in size from 5 litters to more than 75 litters. The grow bags on this list range up to 26.5 litters in size, which is large enough to accommodate one pepper or tomato plant. The best grow bag for your needs depends on what you intend to plant. For example, a tomato plant needs at least 12 inches of soil, while radishes need only half that amount.
【Aeration and Drainage】The best grow bag should drain water efficiently and allow the soil to aerate, which helps keep the roots healthy. In fact, one of the best things about grow bags is their ability to provide better air circulation and drainage than the same plant could receive in the ground. The better a grow bag drains water and dries out, the more likely it is that the bag can be reused. Grow bags that don’t drain well are subject to bacteria and mold growth.
【Portability】Portability is another important consideration. Many grow bags have handles to make them easier to carry and move. Don’t try to solve portability issues by buying grow bags that are too small for the flower or vegetable to be planted. Though smaller grow bags are lighter weight because they hold less soil, the size can make them less hospitable to some plants, such as indeterminate tomato plants.
【Transplanting】If growing plants or seeds in grow bags to transplant later, look for bags with a hook-and-loop closure on the side of the grow bag. Unfastening these closures is a much easier way to remove a plant than turning the bag sideways and wiggling the plant out of its container. Container gardening is beneficial for any flower, herb, or vegetable that won’t survive the entire gardening season, as the plants can be removed easily to bring them indoors.

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