Coco Fiber Mulch MAT for Plants – 6 INCH 5 Pieces – Weed MAT – COIR GARDEN

Price: ₹999.00 - ₹209.00
(as of Jul 05,2022 21:49:09 UTC – Details)

Coir mulch mat also called Coir weed controller mat , coir disc and Tree mat gives your tree a neat, "manicured" look without having to constantly weed and trim around the tree.This unique product is a bonded mulch material that easily installs around your tree and protects the plants from weeds and soil erosion for 2 years. This is made from mulching materials that are bonded together to form a tough, flexible mat that allows air, water, and nutrients to pass through, but effectively blocks weeds and grass.
coco tree rings is used for suppressing weeds and also helps in maintaining soil humidity.
There is a handy slit in the disc to make the disc lay nice and easy. You can enlarge the central hole easily if your plant needs a bit more space.
It is a herbicide by itself and source of manual weeding.Being bio-degradable it decomposes over time to form humus and further helps in the plant’s growth.
The advantages of mulch mat: decreases evaporation of water from pot. Holds moisture, keeping the potting mix moist. Covers the top layer of potting mix, giving the pot a cleaner look. It can be cut into smaller size for smaller pots .

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