CM Hemant instructed to install jammers in all jails within a month

Ranchi: CM Hemant Soren held a high-level meeting with the Superintendents of Police, Senior Superintendents of Police, DIG, IG level officers of all the districts in the presence of senior police officers in the Jharkhand Mantralaya auditorium. In the meeting, information was taken about the law and order of the state as well as other matters related to maintenance of law and order including extremism and crime control. Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh, DGP Neeraj Sinha, CM’s Principal Secretary Rajiv Arun Ekka and CM’s Secretary Vinay Kumar Choubey along with ADG Sanjay Anand Lathkar and other police officers were present in the meeting.
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Connect villagers with government’s schemes by organizing camps in militancy affected villages: CM

During the meeting, Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that maintaining law and order in the state is the top priority of the government. In particular, extremism and criminal incidents should be curbed at all costs so that a fear-free environment can be maintained. The Chief Minister said that in the Naxal-affected areas including Budha Pahad, Parasnath and Saranda, by setting up camps in the presence of the police, give the benefits of the government’s schemes to the villagers. Along with this, basic facilities like electricity, water, roads should be made available here. This will increase the credibility of the people towards the police and will help in controlling the extremist incidents with the cooperation of the general public. The police officers told the Chief Minister that by running a civic action plan in the Naxal-affected areas by the security forces, the needy items are being continuously provided to the people.

Police should cooperate in connecting the youth of militancy affected areas with employment

The Chief Minister said that insurgency affected areas can be curbed to a great extent by connecting the villagers, especially the youth, with employment. He told the police officers that they should take the items needed by the security forces deployed in rural areas from the villagers. With this, the villagers will get employment as well as their income will increase. The Chief Minister said that the government will provide whatever is needed for this in due course of time.


Get the mapping of roads, bridges and culverts done in militancy affected areas

The Chief Minister said that if there is a need to build roads and culverts in Naxal-affected areas, then complete mapping of them should be done and report it to the government. After this, an initiative will be taken to build a bridge culvert and road here, so that the security forces do not have to face problems in running the operation against the Naxalites.

Instructions to install jammers in all jails within 1 month

The Chief Minister said that complaints are being received continuously by many criminals lodged in jails for carrying out criminal incidents through mobile or other means. This should be stopped at any cost. The Chief Minister gave clear instructions to the police officers that the process of installing jammers in all the jails of the state should be completed within a month.

Make security arrangements in view of upcoming festivals

The Chief Minister said that the festive season is starting in a few days. This time Durga Puja is happening on a large scale, in which there is a possibility of huge crowd. In such a situation, keeping the entire state on high alert till December, elaborate security arrangements should be made. To maintain peace and harmony, the police should take all necessary and concrete steps.

Important facts related to Left Wing Extremism and Action of Security Forces

After the removal of Koderma Ramgarh and Simdega from militancy-affected districts by the Union Home Ministry, the number of Naxal affected districts in the state has increased to 16, out of which 8 districts are highly Naxal affected while moderate Naxalite activities are happening in 8 districts, while 8 districts are affected by insurgency. are free.

Due to the operation being carried out by the security forces in the state, the incidents given by the militants are decreasing continuously. 22 incidents were carried out by CPI-Maoists, 13 by PLFI, 9 by TPC and 10 by JJMP.

Since the year 2020 till now, there have been 108 encounters between the police and the Naxalites. 27 Naxalites have been killed in these encounters. Since 2020, 45 Naxalites have surrendered and 1131 Naxalites have been arrested. The police have succeeded in recovering 138 arms and 774 IEDs looted from the police by the Naxalites.

25 new Forward Posts/Camps have been established by 31 March 2022 in the border areas of Budha Pahar, Parasnath, Saranda, Podhaat and Chatra-Gaya. At the same time, 15 new posts are also being made in these pictures. With this, if any militant incident happens in these areas, then the security forces can be sent immediately for the operation on the front.

ATS continues to get success against criminal gangs

The ATS has got consistent success against criminal gangs in the state. ATS has filed chargesheet against 32 accused of top criminal gang. 51 state-of-the-art weapons and around 10 thousand cartridges have also been recovered from them. About Rs 76 lakh 97 thousand in cash has been recovered from the criminals of criminal gangs. ATS has got success in busting many inter-state criminal gangs.

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