CINAGRO Arrow Stakes/Stand | Drip Irrigation Accessories for Watering Home Garden (Length: 5 Inch, 100 Pieces, Black)

Price: ₹499.00 - ₹245.00
(as of Jul 04,2022 15:58:55 UTC – Details)

Keep extra parts handy for irrigation repair or expansion!
Jumpstart your drip irrigation system installation with this set of essential components for building a maintenance-free drip system. Ideal for use with raised garden beds, residential, farm, green-house gardening, and agricultural watering applications. 
Cinagro Arrow stakes/Drip irrigation Stakes/stand help to keep your irrigation micro tubing in place. These irrigation sticks lift emitters above the soil line to maximize the wetting diameter. Ideal to use with baskets, pots, and planting containers.
Product Highlights: 

  • Effective Watering

Arrow stake holds micro tubing at the desired position for targeted delivery of water. It keeps tubes affixed at the required place for watering your favorite plant.

  • Protect Tubes

Drip irrigation stakes prevent undesired movement of tubes thus protecting them from any harm. It also helps to keep the complete arrangement undisturbed.

  • Versatile Use

Designed for versatile use, this arrow stake is ideal to be used in different places with ease. You can use it to water your flowers, plants, bonsai, and potted fruits at terraces, hotels, clubs, offices, etc.
Quantity : 100 pcs
Drip Irrigation Accessories

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