Chaibasa: Letter written to the President demanding to take written examination of successful candidates in physical and medical tests of Army

Chaibasa: A three-point demand letter was handed over to the President of India on Saturday through the Deputy Commissioner of West Singhbhum district, demanding that the candidates who have completed the physical and medical examination process of the Army take written examination under the old recruitment process. A copy of the letter has also been given to the Ministry of Defence, Government of India and the Governor of Jharkhand. It has been said in the letter that due to the implementation of Agneepath scheme with immediate effect, the existing structure of military recruitment will cease to exist. Due to this, the candidates who have completed the physical and medical examination process in 2021 will not be able to take their written examination. After the implementation of TOD, the army examination of the youth has been canceled. Due to this scheme of the central government, instead of permanent recruitment in the army, recruitment will be done as a contract. This scheme will not only harm the youth, but the secrecy and credibility of the army may also be breached. The government has taken this step to reduce the budget of salary and pension. What is the use of getting a job for only four years? The government will leave us on a path from where we will find no way. Therefore, the government should maintain the old system. The candidates have urged the President to fulfill the three-point demands.

what are the demands

1. Those candidates who have completed the physical and medical examination process in 2021, their written examination should be taken under the old appointment process. After completing the old recruitment process, they should be given an opportunity to serve in the army.

2. The old system of army recruitment should be maintained by completely canceling the Agneepath scheme.


3. Permanent appointment process should be started on vacant posts in all departments.

Social activist Basant Mahato, ex-servicemen cum coach Dayasagar Kerai, Vasil Hembrom, Akash Mahto, Ashish Khalkho, Himanshu Mahato, Ganesh Pradhan, Rakesh Mahato, Yashkant Mahato, Siddheshwar Koodada were included in the delegation that submitted the memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner.

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