Brindaha WaterFall | Waterfalls of Jharkhand

As we know that #HazariBagh The Finest City has always been contributing to social work.Brindaha WaterFall details in today post.

 #forest_conservation has been making every effort to make the environment green by running a #tree plantation program. Even the members of Hazaribagh The Finest City Group have been contributing in identifying tourist places, rivers, puddles, dams, waterfalls, waterfalls etc. spread in the area of ​​Jharkhand as a tourist destination. In this sequence we visited #Jonha_Fall, #Hundru_Fall, Jasmine Waterfall, #National_Park Waterfall, #Kakolat_Jharna Bihar, and the place where we reached today is #Vrindaha_Waterfall Koderma.

 In fact, Brindaha is the name of a village where a waterfall falls naturally, which was discovered by a resident of Dr. Virendra Kumar Koderma and spread it among the people. There is a legend about this waterfall that —-

Here a priest used to come first to worship, then the water of the spring was probably removed and that priest used to worship the mother in her cave by taking things in the form of a singer, the people living around here said as a story. I told that once the priest forgot to take the mother’s ring bangle and some things due to which the mother became enraged.

Although later that priest took back the things that had been left there and dedicated it with respect to the feet of the mother, but the angry mother had probably already taken a decision as a curse.

After that day the opening of the door probably stopped. Mother instructed the priest in a dream that now no one can come here till the temple of my cave, so whoever wants to worship with devotion should build a temple on top of the cave and recite it, even today people are there in the form of mother’s singer. They carry things and recite worship with reverence.

 Having been dreaming for a long time, we went to Vrindaha Falls under the leadership of Vikas Vikash, Koderma resident of Hazaribagh The Finest City, and his friend, forest worker #Mukesh_Kumar ji.

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The comrades of Hazaribagh The Finest City Social Media Group enthusiastically took bath, food etc. in a family-like atmosphere. We saw this beautiful gift of nature from close quarters. Spent time in the lap of its beauty.

  I say with full confidence that you too should go to Vrindaha Falls once and enjoy.

 Help beautify it as a tourist spot.

Mukesh Kumar ji, working in the forest department, told that very soon it will be rejuvenated and it will be expanded as a tourist, its proposal was given to the forest department long ago, which is now almost going to take shape.

So let’s look at the natural panoramic view with our own eyes and spend some moments in the midst of nature.

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