BRAIN MAT Natural Eco- Friendly Coir 8 Shape Walking Exercise Mat (6 X 12 ft)

Price: ₹7,000.00 - ₹4,999.00
(as of Jun 15,2022 23:04:02 UTC – Details)

Brain Mat 100% Natural Eco- Friendly Coir Walking Mat, Home Gym Women Friendly and Safety Walking Mat (6 FT X 12 FT), 8 Shape Weight Loss Walking Exercise Mat, Indoor and Outdoor Barefoot Walking Mat, Reflexology and Acupressure Walking Mat
8 Shaped Barefoot Walking Mat can be used Indoor/ Outdoor Floor or Terrace in the Comfortable Roof at Anytime/ any climatic condition/ any Pandemic situation. 8 Walk Brain Mat is Women Safety/ Friendly also helps Middle-aged People to do Easy Home Walk in a Convenient Tidy/ Safe Roof.
Eight Shape Natural Coir Mat helps foot and acts like Acupressure walking Mat, Acupuncture walking Mat, Reflexology walking Mat. The barefoot walking keeps the balance in internal organs and triggers the Reflexology and acupressure points.
Advice/ Information: Cancer patients, Pregnant Women, Person who has undergone surgery in recent 6 months are advised not to use 8 Shape Walking Mat.

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