Big Brother Australia VOTIN LINK

As challenge beast Taras won the final challenge, he had the monumental power of selecting the other two housemates to take through to the grand finale. Big brother australia voting link is here ,.check below.

The selection required much deliberation, as the winner will be completely up to a public vote.

“It feels weird, I’m in the top three,” Taras told Big Brother as he made his “most difficult decision yet,” deciding who to evict.

There are three people out there who have battled through so much on the outside to come in, and they’ve come in here and battled,” he began.

“Reggie she battles every day with her eyes, she battles every day thinking about her kids.

“Johnson battles every day wanting to be the best and biggest superfan, battles every day just loving his family.

Make sure to select winners properly and after full checking.

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