Dabang IAS broke the back of the mining mafia by seizing more than 100 trucks in just two days. Ranjan sir in Hazaribagh and Vijaya madam in Giridih .A few days ago, hundreds of cows were released after raiding the butcher locality. Now preparing to crack down on #manchals in women’s college. Raid on sawmills.

Seeing #SalmanKhan as Dabangg and #AjayDevgan as Singham in films, everyone has praised him a lot, but after coming out of the theater at the end of the film, everyone says only one thing that “Dude, all this happens only in films. Where are such honest and domineering officers in me nowadays.

So if you also keep the same thinking, then let us tell you that such powerful, honest, and fulfilling officers are still present among us and they are not only in the men’s section but also in the women’s section who cared about their lives. Without giving priority to his duty. Today’s story is also of a similar Dabang and fearless lady IAS officer whose name is Jadhav Vijaya Narayan Rao.

Vijaya is the same officer whose fearlessness is praising not only Jharkhand but the whole country. Due to the swift action of Vijaya, the sand mafia of #Bihar and #Jharkhand have lost their senses. Vijaya is one of the 6 IAS officers of the 2015 batch of Jharkhand cadre.

Jadhav is currently heading the SDM in Giridih (Ranchi) area of ​​Jharkhand. Although many officers may have come and gone in Giridih, Vijaya’s popularity is something else, so the people of the area call her #Lady Singham.

Vijaya has broken the back of illegal sand miners by taking action against the sand mafia. During the proceedings under his leadership, he has raided more than fifty trucks late at night. The drivers of dozens of trucks were detained. Let us tell you that the business of illegally lifting sand from Giridih and consuming it in Bihar was going on in full swing these days.

On the intervening night of 29 and 30 November, SDO Jadhav raided the Bekodih bridge on the border of Saria and Birni in the district, in a radius of about ten kilometers between the two bridges on the Barakar river, which on more than a hundred trucks. The sand loading work was going on and all the trucks were getting ready to be sent to Bihar by loading illegal sand, attacking him, and throwing water on his work.

About 40 more jawans were also involved with him in this action. At that time, 125 trucks were standing at the ghat for illegal sand loading and all the trucks were of Bihar passing. It is worth mentioning that not a single truck was from Jharkhand in them, meanwhile, on getting information about the action, Pradeep, the operator of sand ghat, ran away along with 125 truck drivers. Meanwhile, the rest of the mining mafia also became active and at the same time the administration was also ready.


Under the leadership of Jadhav, the police, carrying out the rapid raids, seized the trucks parked on the banks of the Barakar river, took the drivers, the Khalasis into custody, gave all the seized trucks under police surveillance, prepared the seizure list to the police station and registered a FIR. were instructed to do. For the first time, such a bold action by a woman officer made her a public official overnight.

Jadhav says about the action, “There was a shortage of personnel in our team and some drivers managed to escape due to the presence of a large number of vehicles of the sand mafia. During this the most surprising thing was that not a single truck was from our state. We have been getting frequent reports of illegal sand trade for a long time. It was being told that illegal sand mining was being sent to Bihar.

The lease rules were being publicly violated. Sand is being excavated from under the bridge. Even instead of laborers, sand is being loaded from JCB in trucks and sent to Bihar. It is clear from this that everyday sand has been going from here in a such a number of trucks to other states. And such action is necessary to stop it. And strict action will be taken against those caught.”

Jadhav’s action proved that even today there is no dearth of honest and conscientious officers. Now it has to be seen whether this domineering and honest Lady Singham gets proper respect for her actions or gets transferred?

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