1000-year-old Kalasanhar idol of Lord Shiva stolen from Tamil Nadu to be brought from America

CHENNAI: The process of bringing back a 1000-year-old idol of Lord Shiva that was stolen from Tamil Nadu from America has started. This idol was stolen 50 years ago from the Kashi Vishwanath Swamy temple in Thanjavur. The idol wing formed by the CID of the state police has sent legal proposals and documents to America for the return of the idol. About Rs 35.19 crore has been fixed for the auction on behalf of American auction company Christie’s. Also displayed on the company’s website.

The idol is believed to be from the Chola period of the year 1050. This 82.3 cm high statue is made of bronze. In this, Shiva is in Tripura’s victorious form and victorious. His body is in tribhanga form. It is also known as Tripurantaka Murti. The theft of the idol came to the fore on 6 November 2020 when the Chennai Police questioned the executive officer of the temple, G Suresh, about the theft of another idol. He told that the Kaalsanhar idol has been stolen 50 years ago, instead of it, worship is being done by the devotees by placing a fake idol. After which the search for the idol was started. When it was searched with museums, auction companies, private collectors around the world, it appeared on Christie’s website, after which the process of withdrawal has been started.

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